How Proper Snap Began

How Proper Snap Began, by Founder Gina Waggott

Gina Waggott with a lamb

It all started with a Christmas turkey…

In December 2013 I promised my family “the best Christmas dinner in the world” (as you do).

I decided the “best” would be a heritage breed, locally produced turkey, because I heard they tasted fantastic. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a complete list of producers – they were scattered all over the internet. After hours online I had decided on the turkey I wanted (a Norfolk Black, and yes, it was delicious) but spent ages trying to sort out producers by distance away, availability, delivery prices and so on.

Yes, some food directories existed, but they were either sparse on content or only listed producers who had paid to be in the directory, meaning there were huge gaps. Also, I wanted to read reviews of local producers by people who bought from them, to help decide between them all. I also wanted to find out where and when farmer’s markets near me were taking place.

I thought “I can’t be the only one”. What do you do if you’re looking for a really special regional ingredient – say, a really good Double Gloucester (from Gloucester, of course), or Cornish clotted cream, or an artisan charcuterie maker? Even if you just wanted to source your Sunday roast locally, you either had to really search or use directories that were missing out all the producers who hadn’t paid some kind of ‘fee’ to be on them. I thought this was both frustrating and unfair. A free, comprehensive local food and events directory that covered the whole of Britain didn’t exist. I decided to go by the Yorkshire saying that was often quoted in our home – If you want owt doin’, do it yer sen!”

In Autumn 2014 I launched Proper Snap (a Yorkshire phrase meaning “proper food”), with the hope if it becoming the most comprehensive, searchable database of locally and independently produced food & drink in the UK. Ambitious, but not impossible, and something for everyone who wants to buy locally, regionally or exclusively from Britain, from the best artisans, to the couple down the street selling free-range eggs from their farm.

You don’t have to be a “foodie” and you don’t have to fork out half your salary to get hold of some great food and drink. We have some amazing produce in this country – some of the world’s best – and it should be accessible to everyone. Food & drink producers are listed for free on Proper Snap, and of course anyone who wants to find their nearest local or independent food producers can use it for free too, as well as write reviews and recommendations to help others.

It’s early days – we’re still adding producers daily, but with your help we can make Proper Snap the go-to site for Britain’s local food scene. I’m really excited about it, and hope that you’ll find Proper Snap useful if you’re interested in local, regional or independent food & drink. If you’re a food producer, please list yourself on the site, and if you love local food (who doesn’t?) then please let us know if you think we’ve missed anyone out. We’re constantly looking for new and exciting finds.

I hope you enjoy finding some Proper Snap!

Gina Waggott

(c) Proper Snap 2014