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What does ‘Proper Snap’ mean?

It’s a Yorkshire saying that means “decent food”, which is what the site is all about! You can learn more about us on the “About Proper Snap” page.

How do I register to be able to write reviews / submit a listing / add my favourites?

You can register (it’s free) by clicking here.

Can I buy from producers via the Proper Snap site?

This is something we’re hoping to include in the future. We’ll continue working with suppliers and producers and alert our subscribers when this becomes possible. Many producers sell directly via their own sites, which you can find on their individual listings.

Do you only list British producers and events?

Although our primary aim is to champion British products, we recognise that some excellent food and drink is imported and has become an essential part of what we love to eat and cook with in the UK. There are some things we just can’t grow here (many spices, chocolate, tea or coffee for example). British companies who pride themselves in importing or using quality products, such as chorizo from Spain, olive oil from Crete, curry pastes from India or spices from the Caribbean (to name a few) are included wherever possible. All our Events listings are UK-based.

Can I speak to you about getting advertising on Proper Snap?

Of course – contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I like you on Facebook / Follow you on Twitter / tag you on Pinterest to show my support?

Yes, please do! We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We have a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to for free when you register. We also have a Proper Blog on the site, too.

I’ve forgotten/lost my password – help!

Click here to reset your password and you’ll be emailed a link to create a new one.

Can I make a suggestion, comment or give you feedback?

Yes please – click here to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

What are your Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy?

Click here for our Terms & Conditions, and here for our Privacy Policy.


How do I get my business or event listed on Proper Snap?

It’s easy – click here for A Guide to Listings to get started.

How much does it cost?

A basic listing is completely free and contains lots of information for people to be able to find you and learn about your business and products. You can upgrade to a Featured Listing From as little as £5 a month – read A Guide to Listings to learn more about this. Most Event listings are free – again, please check out A Guide to Listings for more information.

Proper Snap have already listed me on the site. How do I get control over that listing?

Register or Log in to Proper Snap, and then go to the listing for your business. Click the ‘claim listing’ button and you’ll be guided through the steps to claim the listing as your own business. You’ll be given the option to choose the kind of listing you’d like (the default will be a Basic Listing, which is free). After you’ve submitted your claim, we’ll check you’re the legitimate owner of the business and after we’ve checked it over, the listing will be yours to edit and add to as you wish. You’re also free to upgrade your listing to a Featured one if you like.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we’ll check you’re the legitimate owner of the business or event, and then we’ll hand over the listing control to you. You’ll then be able to edit or upgrade the listing, and also respond to reviews. You’re also free to remove listings or events that belong to you.

What’s a ‘Proper Snap Says’ editorial review and how do I get one on my listing?

If a listing has a ‘Proper Snap Says’ paragraph then it means that we’ve actually tried and tested one or more of the products from that producer. We do this by either buying online as a normal customer would, visiting a shop or premises (if there is one) or simply talking to and buying from producers at trade fairs, markets and other events as part of our ongoing activities in being directly engaged with the producers we list. It will take a while for us to cover every business, however, so if you want a ‘Proper Snap Says’ endorsement you are welcome to send us a sample of your product(s) for us to review. Please contact us for more information on how to do this.

There’s a mistake on my listing. How do I correct it?

If you’re the owner of the listing, simply log in, go to your listing and click “Edit Listing”. If Proper Snap created the listing, contact us and we can make changes or hand it over to you.

I submitted a listing, but it’s pending and not showing yet – what does this mean?

We moderate all listings to check that the information is accurate, up to date and useful to our users. Once a listing is submitted, the Proper Snap team will review it and contact you if necessary. Usually, listings are approved and go live within 48 hours of submission (you’ll get an email when your listing is approved and live on the site).

I chose a free Basic Listing but I want to upgrade to a Featured one – how do I do this?

Log in and go to your listing, then click “Upgrade Listing”. If Proper Snap created the listing, contact us and we’ll hand it over to you so that you can edit and upgrade it directly.

I paid for a Featured Listing, but I’m not right at the top of the search results, I’m 2nd/3rd – why is this?

In order for all our Featured listings to appear at the top, we rotate the top spots randomly. If you have a Featured Listing, rest assured that  it will always be highlighted and shown above the basic listings and will rotate among the top spots. This is to prevent a “first come, first served” system and give every business or event an equal chance at being on the top. Also, a Featured business or event loading in 2nd place on one computer may be first on another.

My Featured Listing has expired and I want to renew it – how do I do this?

When your listing expires, you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s expired with a link to renew it. You can also log in, go to your listing and renew it by clicking “Upgrade Listing”.

I know a brilliant producer / event that should be listed – can I submit them?

Yes, we love to get listings via word of mouth. If you know of a great food or drink producer (or an event not already listed) then either contact us directly or submit a basic (free) listing and the Proper Snap team will edit and manage it on the site. Please do let producers or event organisers know that you’ve submitted them so that they can contact us to take control of their own listings.

I run a deli/café/restaurant/retail shop. Can I get listed?

Proper Snap is primarily a directory of food producers – if your shop or deli is independent and stocks a large percentage of local produce, we may be able to include you (and please do use the site to find more products!). If you are a restaurant or café and are supplied by a local producer, please ask them if you can be included in the description of their particular listing. This will benefit you both and alert local people to your relationship whilst retaining our focus on championing the local producers themselves. Due to the diversity of businesses we try to remain flexible – for example, if you’re a farm shop and your only selling outlet for your produce is your shop, then we can include you.

How do you manage reviews on the site?

We moderate all reviews to prevent spam and/or inappropriate content. If your business has received a bad review, we’ll forward it to you first so that you can try to resolve things with the person in question. We believe in giving people a chance to set things right, rather than allowing people to post anonymous negative reviews that can unfairly harm a business. If a bad review is legitimate, you can make a public response to it on the site.


How do you take payments for Featured Listings? Can I pay by Credit Card?

All our payment processing is via Paypal, a respected and secure payment processing system. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to make a one-off payment and can use a debit or credit card if you wish. If you wish to have a recurring monthly payment, then you’ll need a PayPal account to facilitate this (which is free and simple to set up on their site).

I have a recurring payment that I want to cancel – how do I do this?

You do this via your Paypal Account itself, you’ll need to log in to Paypal, go to the “My Money” section and find your “approved payments” settings to cancel recurring payments taken via Paypal.

I need help or more information, how do I contact you?

Click here to contact us – we’d be happy to help.

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